Post Snowden, thinking about how to communicate is of vital importance. Please contact me encrypted, if possible, for any topic. Always remember that metadata isn’t encrypted for most services.

Email: ( PGP-Fingerprint: DE74 0ED9 9262 DA0E 7F97 0F96 2504 D788 6052 81E4 )

Official Email: ( PGP-Fingerprint: 70C0 1CC4 2B96 5D2A A2C4 C6BA 1C5F 21D7 C93D 1E28 )



Social Networks

Centralized platforms are conquering the internet and endangering democracy. I bowed the necessity and have a facebook and a twitter account, but rather connect with me via Mastodon. The chance that I react in time and the content quality will be much higher. Also, nicer people.

Mastodon: @compl4xx

Twitter: @compl4xx

GitHub: @lefherz